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A search is advisable, if a patent application is intended to file, technical solutions are searched for specific problems, an information on the patent portfolio of a company is required or an infringement of a property right of a third party shall be avoided.

A state-of-the-art-search should be carried out in view of a new technical development, especially in order to delimit the invention against the state of the art in a formulation of a later patent application.

With the help of monitoring search it could be watched which inventions are published in a certain field of the art, which patent activities are carried out by which companies or single persons, which property rights are free by non-paying of fees or expiring of a time limit and so on.

Trademark searches are important to check if the proposed trademark does not infringe earlier rights. Even after registration searches should be regularly carried out in order to efficiently defend the trademark.

A registered trademark should be monitored to protect it. Trademark searches, conducted at regular intervals, are necessary to provide information on newly registered trademarks and allow to judge whether there is a likelihood of confusion with the trademark.

To perform a search covering previous designs and gain information on registered designs prior to filing a design application is advisable.

Furthermore, the right and procedure status of a property right are often of interests.


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